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    ‘So nice to meet you’

    I’m guessing you’re here either because someone has mentioned my name, or you’re ready to take actionable steps towards improving your health in a sustainable and enjoyable way. Whatever path you took I’m so glad you’re here and we can get you on course to be your healthiest, happiest, strongest self.

    This site is full of resources and ideas to help you improve your health.

    I’m an International health coach, nutritional therapist, personal trainer and mum as well as an unshakable optimist, dedicated to improving the health and happiness of others. I’m deeply passionate about living our best life; after all we only get one shot! Sadly I learned this at 25 when I lost my dad suddenly to a severe heart attack, he was only 60.

    Besides lifelong study and personal experience, I’m an obsessive learner who spends time studying, listening to podcasts, developing my programmes as well as coaching my clients to achieve more than they could imagine.

    Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing the growth and breakthroughs they make towards improving their health. And here’s the thing, it’s not just a quick fix it’s building the foundation for a sustainable happy, healthy future.

    My clients have achieved amazing results through my programmes, I believe I’ve created a programme that will transform your life.

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      “Heather is an extremely caring, positive person and conscientious coach. Her passion for health and fitness shines through and she has held me accountable when I needed it most, encouraging at all times throughout the programme, holding me to the best version of me and inspiring me to push forward.”


      “I forgot about myself and how to look after myself, the result was weight crept on, and I lost sight of who I felt, who I knew I truly was. It affects your confidence, in ways that you cannot even begin to believe.

      Heather was the answer to all my prayers. This programme is something I wished I had the opportunity to work on many years ago.

      I have worked with Heather for 7 weeks now, she is professional, knowledgeable supportive and works towards making you be the best you! “


      “Heather made me feel completely at ease in her company which helped me explore why I was in a rut and out of control with my eating habits. I learned new strategies to help me make positive choices that were in alignment to my health goals and within a few weeks I started to notice positive changes to some hard wired habits! Oh I can now get back into a top I hadn’t been able to wear for years! Even more importantly though I feel more confident and in control as a result. It’s been a life changer. Whole experience was made all the better by the lovely down to earth person delivering it! Thank you!”


      “Heather is an inspiring lady and I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with her. The program was very personalised and I had little light bulbs going on week after week after our sessions. She has fantastic realistic concepts which were so easy to follow but with amazing impact to my lifestyle. For years I’ve dieted and gained weight in a constant circle and all I focused on was food however I’ve learned much more than that and now the fog has begun to clear.”


      “I feel happier, more energetic, stronger in mind and body (I am 57 years young!).

      It was a body, mind and soul experience (like therapy with a best friend) which helped me to refocus and set personal goals including important long term positive, mental strategies which are helping me regain my inner confidence and youth.  At the end of the programme I’m a stone and a half lighter, confident in my appearance, stronger in mind and so much more decisive.”