• Hazel’s goal – Lose weight, increase fitness and energy levels


    At our Breakthrough Discovery session, Hazel said ‘I’ve tried everything to lose weight!’, sadly nothing lasted to give her the results she was looking for.   When we first met Hazel she was suffering from headaches, had low energy levels and had not exercised in 2 years. In previous years she had also been diagnosed with osteoarthritis

    Health goals

    Key areas of focus were:

    1. Get fit
    2. Drastically change her diet
    3. Gain more self confidence

    We realised sugar played a key part of Hazel’s daily routine, therefore we decided to get started on the 90-Day Sugar Impact Programme.


    Within 4 weeks of 90 Day Sugar Impact Programme Hazel was feeling less bloated, enjoying her food more, loving exercise and her chocolate cravings had stopped.

    By week 7 her focus and energy levels had significantly increased so much, she was able to produce her reports over 3 days instead of the usual 3 weeks it would normally take.

    By the end of the programme she had:

    • Lost 10 kilos
    • Reduced body size by 20cm
    • Nearly halved her sugar and food cravings

    Here’s what Hazel had to say:

    “I really didn’t think I could do it but knew something had to change! When I started on an exercise routine (slowly) I realised just how unfit I actually was. I did panic a bit when I realised too that my 3 diet cokes, coffees and sandwiches, crisps, few biscuits and so on weren’t doing me any favours at my age!

    Slowly but surely I gained more confidence to follow through each week with the support from Heather. I felt happier and more energetic and stronger in mind and body (I am 57 years young). It was a body, mind and soul experience (like therapy with a best friend) which once per week helped me to refocus and set personal goals and some important long term positive, mental strategies which are helping me regain my inner confidence and youth.

    Here I am at the end of the programme 10 kilos lighter, confident in my appearance and stronger in mind.

    I think you’re brilliant Heather Ashley!!! Thank you so much!

    Get Inspired

      “I forgot about myself and how to look after myself, the result was weight crept on, and I lost sight of who I felt, who I knew I truly was. It affects your confidence, in ways that you cannot even begin to believe.

      Heather was the answer to all my prayers. This programme is something I wished I had the opportunity to work on many years ago.

      I have worked with Heather for 7 weeks now, she is professional, knowledgeable supportive and works towards making you be the best you! “


      “I feel happier, more energetic, stronger in mind and body (I am 57 years young!).

      It was a body, mind and soul experience (like therapy with a best friend) which helped me to refocus and set personal goals including important long term positive, mental strategies which are helping me regain my inner confidence and youth.  At the end of the programme I’m a stone and a half lighter, confident in my appearance, stronger in mind and so much more decisive.”


      “I had tried many other weight loss programmes over the years with little effect and certainly no long terms benefits.  Having worked with Heather and her bespoke health programme over a 6 month period, I feel she provides a service unlike any other.

      I received a personalised, health care plan to help me achieve my goals of honouring myself and becoming the best, healthiest version of me!  I believe it is a fresh new a fantastic programme and know that it has definitely been a life changer”


      “I am blown away by the rapid transformation in my thinking and mindset.

      Only 6 weeks into the programme and I can’t actually believe the difference in my eating habits! The cessation of sugar cravings is astonishing. It’s like magic!! Thank you so much Heather.”


      “Heather made me feel completely at ease in her company which helped me explore why I was in a rut and out of control with my eating habits. I learned new strategies to help me make positive choices that were in alignment to my health goals and within a few weeks I started to notice positive changes to some hard wired habits! Oh I can now get back into a top I hadn’t been able to wear for years! Even more importantly though I feel more confident and in control as a result. It’s been a life changer. Whole experience was made all the better by the lovely down to earth person delivering it! Thank you!”