• Michael’s goal – Lose weight, improve sleep and increase energy levels


    Michael had tried other weight loss plans with varying degrees of success, all of which lead him back to where he was before starting the plan. None provided sustainable improvements to his health.

    He wanted to lose weight, increase his energy levels whilst improving his overall fitness without exasperating his on going back injury.  As we started the 90 day Total Body Transformation programme it also became clear sleep was an issue we needed to address right away.

    Health goals

    We quickly identified the key areas of focus:

    1. Improve sleep
    2. Increase energy levels
    3. Reduce weight and improve fitness and strength


    Within 5 weeks 90 Day Total Body Transformation programme Michael had lost 7cm and within 6 weeks he was ‘cured’ from his sleepless nights and felt ‘great!’.

    By the end of the programme he:

    • Lost 12cm
    • Reduced his BMI (body mass index) to normal from overweight
    • Stopped his cravings for sugar
    • Is enjoying exercise and the feeling the benefits it brings to his body and mind

    Get Inspired

      “I feel happier, more energetic, stronger in mind and body (I am 57 years young!).

      It was a body, mind and soul experience (like therapy with a best friend) which helped me to refocus and set personal goals including important long term positive, mental strategies which are helping me regain my inner confidence and youth.  At the end of the programme I’m a stone and a half lighter, confident in my appearance, stronger in mind and so much more decisive.”


      “I had tried many other weight loss programmes over the years with little effect and certainly no long terms benefits.  Having worked with Heather and her bespoke health programme over a 6 month period, I feel she provides a service unlike any other.

      I received a personalised, health care plan to help me achieve my goals of honouring myself and becoming the best, healthiest version of me!  I believe it is a fresh new a fantastic programme and know that it has definitely been a life changer”


      “Heather not only provided me with useful nutritional advice and practical fitness tips, but also helped me gently to look at my life and my values. At times it was “tough love” – but I clearly needed it! Once it became clear what was next for me, she guide me through the process of letting go and starting something new – life after cancer – resulting in a new career for me, daily workout and I even signed up for a Marathon!

      I can wholeheartedly recommend Heather and her program to anyone prepared to take a look at themselves with the view to break out and break free from old beliefs and habits. Her program will lead to fundamental habitual change. Thank you so much Heather! ”


      “Heather made me feel completely at ease in her company which helped me explore why I was in a rut and out of control with my eating habits. I learned new strategies to help me make positive choices that were in alignment to my health goals and within a few weeks I started to notice positive changes to some hard wired habits! Oh I can now get back into a top I hadn’t been able to wear for years! Even more importantly though I feel more confident and in control as a result. It’s been a life changer. Whole experience was made all the better by the lovely down to earth person delivering it! Thank you!”


      “Heather is an inspiring lady and I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with her. The program was very personalised and I had little light bulbs going on week after week after our sessions. She has fantastic realistic concepts which were so easy to follow but with amazing impact to my lifestyle. For years I’ve dieted and gained weight in a constant circle and all I focused on was food however I’ve learned much more than that and now the fog has begun to clear.”