• The Simple Things

    It’s true when they say it’s the simple things that can make the biggest difference. For example I always serve my meals on a smaller plate, that way I don’t feel I’ve cheated myself out of a meal and still get to enjoy it. Granted I haven’t always done that, I’ll never forget using a Habitat bowl as my spaghetti Bolognese dish for years. Turns out it was a serving bowl! You should have seen the size of it and I ate every last morsel of food! Needless to say I use it as a serving dish now 🙂

    Studies have also proved when reducing a plate size by 24% people saw a 22% reduction in their food intake.

    We tend to look at a plate and judge the volume of food on it as a measure for how full we’ll feel afterwards, if it looks full we feel satisfied before we’ve even started our meal! By reducing the size of your plate you’ll significantly reduce your in take of food instead of overeating.

    What simple things can you incorporate into your daily routine to help you with your food choices?